TotalTranslation (TT) is a diversified training solutions provider that primarily develops, produces and supplies low cost IT and Language Training hardware and software. The business provides on-site, technology-based training services in areas as diverse as IT, Graphic Design, Cellular Telecoms, Languages and Music. We also provide innovative training, induction and internship services mainly to young people trying to break through into related industries.

TT is a new area of activity that has grown from work placement initiatives derived from the language training part of our portfolio. The common factor in all our activities is Training. Our focus and experience in training has given us the ability and impetus to seek to establish the UK’s premier Synchronous Translation and Interpretation service.

Our function is quite simply to seek and recruit high calibre linguists from all over the world to provide Interpretation and Translation services for our Clients of the very highest standard. As a result, there is enormous competition for positions in our workforce in each and every Language and Sector Group.

Our International team of Interpreters and Translators come from a broad cross-section of the world’s societies. They are all able to deploy a multiplicity of skill sets to each work assignment in order to achieve the best result for the Client. TT Interpreters and Translators are trained to think through the implications of the job and are constantly engaged in improving and expanding their skill and knowledge sets, working hard on any aspect that need to be strengthened or enhanced in order to deliver maximum value to the Client.

Whether faced with a work assignment that requires the meticulous simultaneous translation of complex macro-economic policy at a global economic summit, an accurate translation and interpretation of  the medical terminology of an NHS doctor’s diagnosis to a diabetes patient, helping a Client  or  the precise interpretation of legal terminology used by an English Barrister, in conference with his Client and a Solicitor, to explain English Trial Procedures to a foreign Client and his legal team before a case goes to court or providing a vibrant and effective translation of the content of the web site of an international business or even simply the correct, concise  translation of a public sector information leaflet for a local government agency – TT Interpreters and Translators deliver consistently high standards.

TT has extremely serious ambitions. TT Interpreters and Translators work in and around their home town providing support services to local and national government agencies, and the local branches and offices of international businesses and multinational organisations. Others travel to assignments all over the world. The most experienced and those with special skill sets that are in high demand travel to assignments anywhere in the world our Clients’ need may take them.

State-of-the-art IT and telecommunications infrastructure combined with industry-leading standards in Recruitment and Training at our spacious facilities in the heart of the Westminster, help us maintain standards and efficiencies to deliver maximum value to the Client.

“Perfect interpreters/translators are such effective aids to communication as to render themselves ‘invisible’, so that it is as if the interlocutors speak the same language.”

By developing an ever wider portfolio of services to reflect relentless tide of Globalisation, on the one hand, and  achieving and maintaining unparalleled standards and unrivalled degrees of professionalism and attention to detail , on the other, it is our explicit ambition to soon make TT Comprehensive Interpretation and Translation Service the service of choice for EU Zone Public and Private Sector bodies, organisations, institutions, corporations, international organisations, major conferences,  industry seminars, international exhibitions, international political and economic gatherings, international festivals and international media events.

We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about us and our services and career opportunities for top calibre multi-lingual professionals.